Why your birthday card is late…

Posted By yonghow on September 4th, 2007

A sweet, whimsical piece of digital artwork by my friend Waiming, who is now working at Lucasfilm Singapore. It has since garnered several accolades from various digital painting websites, like Excellence Award from 3dtotal.com. I like how the pyrotechnics in the background is casting a nice rim light on the postman. Indeed, “God is in the details”, like my old animation lecturer Ben use to tell us.

I’ve been working 16 hour days for the past 2 weeks, and thankfully lighting work for Freedom 5 is almost complete. Seeing the finished work is always sweet, but its somewhat scary because I’m almost getting used to the crazy hours – now that can’t be a good thing.

More frequent updates very soon.

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“God is in the details”

Fantastic little piece of advice from your teacher! It just made my day!


It can’t be good to work 16-hour days in the long run. But if you’re enjoying it for the moment, does it really matter?

When your body says no, you’ll make the change. 😀


thanks for liking my work & the post!

btw, it s waiming, not waimeng 😛


:] Thanks for the support folks.

gatchaman – Corrected your name ! Maybe I’ll see you guys soon !

tragic comedy


thats one quirky piece.

tragic comedy

BTW did he do the short film greatest daydreamer?


Yes he did. Have you seen it before ? :]


i know how that feels! i just recently pulled that 2 weeks ago. time rolls by so fast when your busy. dont forget to eat healthier and try your best at exercising! i feel like crap when i do those hours….(-_-);


I’ll be sure to remember your advice. Oh and, thanks a bunch for the book ! :]

tragic comedy

yes i have! it was certainly very inspiring!