Tekkon Kinkreet dvd + Hiroaki Ando autograph

Posted By yonghow on September 6th, 2007

Work on Freedom 5 has just ended, and I finally get a little free time in the studio. The first thing I did was to grab my Tekkon Kinkreet dvd and ask for Ando-san’s autograph, who was the co-director on the film.

I know, I’m a geeky fanboy. See Jinroh post here. Ando-san is an industry veteran and has also worked as CGI director on Otomo’s Steamboy, as well many other films from Studio 4°C. This time round he’s Freedom’s technical director, but he also draws the storyboards occasionally. Its an honour to be working with such a powerhouse.

For a little more information on the Tekkon limited edition dvd, go to this post. The making of booklet in the dvd set has a section dedicated to Ando-san’s work on the film.

Here’s an excellent interview with Michael Arias about Tekkon on AniPages.

ps to my Singaporean friends – Watch this when it arrives.


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yes sir


Is this coming to Singapore?! I got the limited edition DVD of it as a present and quite liked the film (loved the visuals like mad), but I can’t show it to my friends because there’s no subs (I can show them the books and ask them to squint at the pictures and go “ooh aah” though.)

I’m so jealous of you too, getting signatures like getting a cup of coffee 🙁

I’m wondering if the Tekkon Kinkreet artbooks have a lot of production shots? I wonder if it’s worth getting… I love the background artwork, but it’s so darn expensive.


W – From what I’ve heard, it will be coming to Singapore soon. They haven’t made an official announcement yet, so I can’t say any more than this. :]

The autograph is just a small perk for working 16-17 hours for weeks on end…

The books are worth every single penny, tons of artwork inside. They are pretty much soldout here, you might want to try your luck with Kinokuniya back home.


Okay, I got your hint 😉 I’ll definitely recommend it to as many people as possible then! I had watched TokiKake once online, another two times on R2 DVD and two times in the theatre and I’m still not sick of it, so goodness knows how many times I’ll watch Tekkon Kinkreet. X)

If they’re sold out in Japan though, I’m worried whether they’ll be available here or not. I’m just wondering though, by artwork you do mean images from production I suppose? Like background art without the characters and maybe genga scans? I didn’t see them in Kino the last time I checked, but I must look again. Maybe I can find it in Bras Basah.


omg… you have an autograph by hideaki ando?… great.
sorry i haven’t replied yet. but i am reading your blog as well! 🙂


i just preordered it on amazon with the re-release of the manga, which is now in one volume. did the japanese limitied edition dvd have english subtitles?
i have amazing nuts and mindgames, now ill have another 4c title!


CMWilly: It didn’t. (Sadly)

tragic comedy


i havent had the chance to see tekkon kinkreet.
just have to be patient then…


you make me very jealous! >:(


W – the 2 artbooks are just like what you described – lots and lots of background and concept art.

CMWilly – Unfortunately just like W mentioned the box doesn’t come with english subtitles. There seems to be a feature extra features on the US region 1 that is not included in the Japan box though, I can’t be too sure.

tragic comedy – Most highly recommended.

fartboy – Hee…Sorry !


Im not watching them… im BUYING them! muahahah!


You have my envy.

I should have bought this while I was in Japan. Damn LOL


Jasrie – Excellent idea.

double – No problem, you can still get it from online shops right ? :]


omg wow i just caught kinkreet recently (mainly because of aoi yuu) but its so awesome!!!


Omg, that is a wicked DVD case! Is Kinkreet good? How does it compare to works like Metropolis and Steamboy?


Yea, it’s available at online shops. I just picked up a copy. Thanks for putting in the 16-17 hour days. Your dedication definitely paid off. The final product is very well done. My kids love it too.


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