Ayanami Rei + Rolling Stone

Posted By yonghow on August 17th, 2007

Ayanami Rei from Evangelion graces the September cover of Rolling Stone Japan.

I don’t really read Rolling Stone, much less the Japanese edition, but such a neat cover was too rare to pass up. An Evy cover girl, what are the odds. ( Actually the magazine also comes with a folded A3 size poster of the same design, all at the neat price of 580 yen. ) Folks in Singapore might be able to find one in Kinokuniya.

The 2 metre tall Unit 1 (初号機) figure is a tad bit pricer at 1083600 yen. Makes for a spiffy Christmas present though. Apparently a life-sized Ayanami Rei figure is up for production next.

There’s also a 4 page feature on Yukie Kawamura, a popular Gravure ( swimsuit ) model. You can’t miss her billboards if you are in Tokyo right now.

I’m up to the neck with work on Freedom 5, so future updates might come a little less often, my apologies. Its interesting to see my usual visitor count drop by more than half in a few days when I’m not posting anything new, but I will try to do it when there is something newsworthy ( and if I can squeeze in the time. ) Thanks for visiting again.

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16 Responses to “Ayanami Rei + Rolling Stone”


I didnt know Rei Ayanami sings.


Ganbatte! Waiting to see vol.5 of FREEDOM

tragic comedy

i think thats an awesome cover…

good luck with vol/5!

Danny Choo

Nicest pic Ive seen of her.


Wow the 2 metre Eva unit is really expensive. I’ll never be able to afford it. In fact,I wonder how many people can actually get it.

If I ever buy that Eva unit,I won’t be able to buy any stuff for like 10 years >_


Thanks for the support folks ! :] Its 12am here in Tokyo and I’m still working away…

Danny : Not a bad picture at all indeed. :]

double : I believe they made only very limited units of it. Surely the Ayanami Rei figure is going to tempt you, haha.


I prefer the seiyu behind Rei Ayanami. She has a super deep sexy voice and she did a great job on Faye Valentine. (my kind of girl; too bad she is married with kids)

tragic comedy



Hi. Thanks for you nice comments on my blog. Great blog you have here too!


i went to my local japanese bookstore (kinokinuya) to look for this magazine…but they only had the august and july issues…not this one.
where did u get urs from? is there a way u can obtain one for me…and send it to me? i can pay you through paypal.


The cover of the mag looks great. Will try to get a copy in SG when I pass by Kino.


Great idea. :]


Can anyone please give me a link to get this magazine with the poster that comes inside it?


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