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Paris, Texas – Criterion Blu-ray

Posted By yonghow on October 9th, 2014

Paris Texas Criterion Blu-ray Wim Wenders (more…)

Land of Plenty – Wim Wenders

Posted By yonghow on October 29th, 2005

Despite playing like an Apple endorsed film at times and my at best lukewarm interest in political satire films, Wim Wenders Land of Plenty nontheless held my attention with a narrative ( Winders writing up a treatment in just 3 days ) that was languid in the beginning but built up momentum as the film progressed, and one is certainly reminded of a similar plot setup in Wender’s much older work, the excellent Paris, Texas. While the director’s decision to shoot the film in video escapes me for moment it is however interesting to note that the utilized camera, Panasonic’s AGDVX100A, held up rather impressive considerably such a big blow up to theatre resolution working with just DV source, and I cannot wait to see what its latest incarnation the HD AG-HVX200 can do for independent filmmakers, not to mention those poor, starving film students.

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