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Sakura Nagashi – Utada Hikaru + Evangelion Music Video

Posted By yonghow on October 2nd, 2016

Sakura Nagashi - Utada Hikaru + Evangelion (more…)

Evangelion 3.0 + Utada Hikaru – Sakura Nagashi

Posted By yonghow on May 4th, 2013


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Utada Hikaru and red camisoles

Posted By yonghow on February 8th, 2008


Toho Gakuen Film School 東放学園映画専門学校

Posted By yonghow on November 13th, 2007

Toho Gakuen Film Techniques Training College (東放学園映画専門学校) , located in Takadanobaba (高田馬場), Tokyo, was where I took a 2 year filmmaking course while under the NAC Takashimaya scholarship program. The school was established by TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) in 1969 to nurture able talent for the Japanese film, animation and music industries, and has continued to produce skilled professionals for the media industry till this day. Well, so the website says. :p


Utada Hikaru reads Ghost in the Shell ?

Posted By yonghow on October 31st, 2007


Freedom Nissin Cup Noodles Commercial 7

Posted By yonghow on September 15th, 2007


Utada Hikaru “Kiss & Cry” MTV Freedom version

Posted By yonghow on September 10th, 2007

About 2 months ago, word came that we will be helping out with the production for Utada Hikaru’s MTV for “Kiss & Cry“, her latest single. Although Freedom has always been associated with Utada’s music right from the start ( the opening credits feature her song “This is Love” ), the chance to actually work on one her MTVs naturally got me fairly excited, as I am a big fan. A rough cut of the MTV has already been completed, and I was just dying to see it.


Freedom Opening Sequence 02

Posted By yonghow on July 27th, 2007

Freedom 4 goes on sale today, so I can finally post some screen caps from the renewed opening sequence :

I must have seen the opening sequence a hundred times over( both the old and updated one ) through the course of my work here but I still get that adrenaline rush everytime I watch it because its so beautifully done ( by the brilliant folks at Kamikaze Douga 神風動画 ), with the visuals and Utada’s “This is Love” complementing each other perfectly. In this renewed sequence the visuals get an update, with some new content from episode 3 spliced in, as well as Ao’s first appearance.

Freedom’s 5th television commercial

Posted By yonghow on April 20th, 2007

Screen caps from Freedom’s 5th television commercial, airing on Japanwide TV from today on. ( 20th April ) You can watch it from Freedom’s website by following the link below :

The theme song for this spot was initially Utada Hikaru’s “Flavour of Life”, but was changed during production to her latest single, “Kiss and Cry”. In any case, I love both the songs.

The flavor of Life

Posted By yonghow on March 6th, 2007

I’ve just gotten word from my chief Matsui-san that we will be working on the fifth installment of Freedom Project’s television commercial which will be aired Japanwide. The past 4 spots have been done by our friends from Production IG ( Ghost In the Shell folks ) because we had to concentrate on the actual animation series. The theme song for the commercial by the way, is Utada Hikaru’s latest single released just last week, The Flavor of Life, cover picture below.

We have been working straight 15 hour days here at Sunrise rushing the deadline for Freedom 3 and barely have enough time to take a piss, but this is exciting news, well, at least to a huge Utada fan.

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