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Denno Coil Blu-ray Boxset

Posted By yonghow on July 12th, 2011


The Denno Coil Project Art Book Review

Posted By yonghow on October 26th, 2008


Denno Coil galore Part II – Japanese novel + guidebook + magazine feature

Posted By yonghow on October 6th, 2007

Book one from the Denno Coil novel series, which I picked up from a book store in Kichijoji on my way to the studio.


Kon Satoshi prefers Sapporo Beer

Posted By yonghow on September 28th, 2007


Denno Coil Galore Part I – Special limited edition dvd 1

Posted By yonghow on September 27th, 2007

With its captivating storyline and jawbreaking animation, Madhouse’s Denno Coil ( 電脳コイル) has been keeping me on a fix ever since its release a few months back. The initial press limited edition dvd 1 ( containing episode 1 & 2, plus a bonus making of disc and storyboard book ) just arrived in the mail yesterday.


Denno Coil (電脳コイル)

Posted By yonghow on July 7th, 2007

Sometimes 15 seconds is all it takes.

Months ago while channel surfing I caught a short trailer for an upcoming TV anime series, nothing but a short 15 sec blurb; 3 characters in a chase scene through some mundane Tokyo neighborhood. It was so short I didn’t even manage to catch the title, but the animation was jaw-dropping; unmistakably feature film quality.

Next day at work the animation folks were already talking about the same trailer I saw. It turned out our neighbour from across the street, Madhouse ( the folks who gave you Tokyo Godfathers, Paprika ), has a new work up their sleeves – Denno Coil. (電脳コイル)