Tokyo Cityscape, Meguro.

Posted By yonghow on April 22nd, 2014

After a visit to an exhibition at the Ebisu Photography Museum Takeshi and I decided to take a leisurely walk through Meguro to Shibuya before heading home, seeing how beautiful the weather was. I used to live in Meguro some ten years back and have very fond memories of this place.

(above) It was the 3rd day of the new year so Tama-Kazari (good luck charm/amulet of sorts) were a common sight at the front door of households. (below) The main administrative office of Books Kinokuniya is located in Meguro.

(above) A very popular grilled Unagi (freshwater eel) store. (below) The mini factory is located nearby, where bags of live Unagi can be seen outside the store front.

(above) Meguro Fudo, aka Ryusenji, a popular Buddhist temple located not far from where I used to live. The area was bustling with festivities from the crowd that had come for Hatsumode.

(above) Visitors burning incense ( for 100 yen a pop, photo higher up ) near the main entrance of the temple. It’s apparently good luck to waff yourself with fumes from the burning incense.

(above & below) Hatsumode, the first prayers of the year. I managed to take a couple of pictures before getting shoo-ed out of the premises by the temple staff.

To be continued.

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3 Responses to “Tokyo Cityscape, Meguro.”


Hi, i really love the pictures. It’s nice to see casual activities and feel like you are there.
I love your website. I don’t post that much, but i visit since 2008. Keep up the good work!

Greetings from Hamburg Germany


Leo – Hello there and thanks for the compliments. :]

I wish I can do this on a regular basis but I no longer live in Japan and only visit my friends there about once a year.


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