Shinjuku cityscape, Tokyo.

Posted By yonghow on February 27th, 2014

Some quick snapshots of Shinjuku during my transits through the city.

(above) The NTT Docomo building, one of the more easily recognized landmarks of Shinjuku (other being the Metropolitan Government Building). The skyscraper is featured prominently in Shinkai Makoto’s animated film “Garden Of Words”.

(above) A burger joint right beside a busy train/traffic crossing ? How cool is that ?

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5 Responses to “Shinjuku cityscape, Tokyo.”


Beautiful. Too bad I keep getting lost there. Place is so darn big!


Thanks for sharing theseā€¦I love your photography posts.


Chris – I have a really bad sense of direction so I get lost there often too, especially in the interconnecting underground walkways.

MJ – Thank you. I wish I can do this full time. :]


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