Shibuya Cityscape, Tokyo.

Posted By yonghow on March 13th, 2014

Some shots taken on my night stroll near Shibuya’s JR station on New Year’s Eve, before heading off for Hatsumodo.

(above) A canal located behind a busy street of shops running alongside the Meiji-Dori. Somewhere down the row of shops on the right lies the super delicious Tsukemen Yasube. ( see this older post. )

(below) Tokyo has an astonishing number of vending machines peppered across the city – often they provide a good source of illumination on a otherwise dark and poorly lit street.

(above) A giant billboard (detail below) dominates the Shibuya station skyline, featuring an advertisment for a Final Fantasy game “Granblue Fantasy”, with character design by Hideo Minaba.

(above) “What’s going on TEPCO”, a graffiti sticker I spotted in Daikanyama as I was en route to the snazzy Tsutaya T-Site bookstore. (below) This No Crossing sign is a practically a canvas for grafitti artists. See this older post here.

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Petit Orenji

These photos are superb; they really tell the audience the ambiance and flavor of the city. Beautiful shots.


Thank you for the kind words. :]


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