Red Autumn Foliage in Mount Fuji, Japan.

Posted By yonghow on November 13th, 2011

Taken on my recent trip to Mount Fuji with Takeshi and Ko-jima. It was actually a little too early in season but we were lucky to find this particular cluster.

(above) A beautiful display of nature’s ever changing colors as the leaves turn from green to yellowish orange and then finally fiery red (slightly pinkish here because of the sun’s scattering) before shedding in preparation for the winter.

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5 Responses to “Red Autumn Foliage in Mount Fuji, Japan.”


stunning! thank you for the beautiful impressions!


i was looking for this kind of pictures for a drawing. Thanks a lot. I love the color of autumn in japan.


:] Thank you.


Wow, nature is amazing. Thanks!


  1. Autumn Foliage, Nikko.