Heaven – Leah Dizon Pictorial Book Review

Posted By yonghow on October 20th, 2007

Leah Dizon is an American born ( of Chinese/Filipino/French heritage ) fashion model that is now one of the hottest sensations in Tokyo, having appeared in numerous high profile commercials, cut several singles and an album, and released bestselling pictorials. Huge billboards featuring her endorsed products are plastered all over the city.

While Leah’s unique good looks probably played a part in garnering her ever-growing popularity, I wonder if the Japanese’s paradoxical love for all things American – like spending hours queuing up to get a taste of Krispy Kreme Donuts, has something to do with it too. For us Singaporeans I think, we just hate to wait.

Very recently Leah Dizon released a huge pictorial book titled “Heaven”, which I promptly purchased after spotting it in the local bookstore. Sure, Leah is pure candy for the eyes, but it was the pictorial’s photographer that actually caught my interest – Leslie Kee.

Leslie is a Tokyo based Singaporean photographer whose projects actively involve the who’s who of the Japanese entertainment scene – names like Hamasaki Ayumi, Koda Kumi, Amuro Namie, and many more. He studied photography at Tokyo School of Visual Arts, one of the schools I visited when I was considering my desired film school of choice 2 years ago. As I introduced myself as a Singaporean during the school tour his name was very promptly mentioned by the school guide, markedly with a hint of pride.

Here in Japan Singaporeans working in the creative industry come few and far between, so its both uplifting and encouraging to see a luminary like Leslie finding such great success. Certainly, we can expect many more exciting projects from him in the near future.

Leslie Kee’s website : http://www.lesliekeesuper.com/
Tokyo school of Visual Arts homepage : http://www.tva.ac.jp/ ( Japanese only )

You can purchase a copy of “Heaven” here.


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I don’t find her particularly good looking – I prefer asian features over american ones.


The last photo of her….looks like a CGI dream girl.

Leslie Kee share another similarity besides making headway in Japan. He is a Victorian!!


Chraen – I guess there’s really no accounting for tastes ! :]

jackson – I’ve always though she looked somewhat unreal too. And Leslie kee, no way ! That makes us brothers ! Cool ! Haha.


I think Singaporeans in generally don’t mind queuing to get a taste of the latest fad too. The herd instinct is strong.

Leah Dizon’s pictorial and music is also available here at HMV and Kinokuniya.


she looks alot different now then when she was in the states. she looks alot more elegant and classy then her import model days.

Hanis zakaria

May i know where I can purchase her Photobook Heaven? and how much does it cost, it’ll be great if you could e-mail me…thanks 🙂


She’s a beauty but not my type. I can see why she’s such a hit in Japan though. They have an insatiable obsession for pan-asian faces. The kind that has the sad, puppy eyes, so fair that only a caucasian can possibly be and that of course the quintessential “ang-moh” nose.

I think homegrown Japanese women are so much yummier….


CMWilly – She once mentioned in a magazine that after coming to Japan she had to constantly dress up nicely, because that’s how every other Japanese girl does – look glamourous everyday. Maybe its got something to do with that.

Nahs – Nicely put.


Thanks for introducing another Singaporean working in overseas. I seldom get to know about these people in news. Or it could be I seldom read anything except manga. (^o^)


:] You’re welcome !


hmmmm i beg to differ. I always prefer more exotic girls
Leah Dizon is HOT….. but her acting and singing SUCKS


Leah is more a singer now than a pin up girl. She just did her first live solo concert in Tokyo. Go Leah!


Just read Leslie kee’s biography. Great read I would say. I’m much more motivated to work harder for my dreams now ^^;


Let’s all work hard together ! :]

Chino cordova

hey guys out there esp to those who gave negative comments bout her! you don’t need to say that kind of stuffs if you don’t like her.. this is the first time i saw her pictures, i barely know her but i think she’s a great girl.. i’m also proud because she’s also a filipino like me and has a japanese descent.. so please guys, mind you your own business okei.. hope to meet her
anyone there who has a friendster accnt.. add me


I hope Leah is successful in her comeback. She will always be my fave


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