Love Meisa – Kuroki Meisa Pictorial Book Review

Posted By yonghow on December 27th, 2009

Figured I give my readers a nice little treat after such a long hiatus – here’s something beautiful for all to appreciate as we celebrate the festive season and coming new year.
A brilliant ingenue taking the Japanese entertainment scene by storm, Kuroki Meisa (an exotic mix of Okinawan and Brazilian heritage) is capturing audiences with her mesmerizing good looks and deep, penetrating gaze.

Only 21 years of age, model/singer/actor Kuroki-san has already garnered a sizeable portfolio including work on the anime Vexille, Crows, and most recently Mamoru Oshii’s sci fi film “Assault Girls”. ( I haven’t seen that one, pretty please someone tell me how that went. ) She’s also slated to appear in the much hyped live action remake of the classic anime “Space Battleship Yamato” as Yuki Mori. Make it good !

On a sidenote my blog isn’t headed for a new direction reviewing Gravure idol pictorials ( I’ll be getting back to artbooks, anime and films shortly )but the book was worth mentioning because it was shot by Leslie Kee, a highly successful Singaporean photographer based in Tokyo who has shot numerous other celebrities like Beyonce, Namie Amuro, Ayumi Hamasaki, Leah Dizon, just to name a few. (Oh, and because Kuroki Meisa is hot.)

Happy Holidays guys. :]

You can purchase a copy of the pictorial here.


10 Responses to “Love Meisa – Kuroki Meisa Pictorial Book Review”


Bee-you-tee-full. Japanese/Brazilian is a winning combo for sure…


very nice…thnx 4 this


wow.. the mix is really something, if she has that asian beauty and the latina flavor….. wooooooooooooaaaaa!!!!

the cover of the book has a very nice design! ~___~ (jejeje yeah… the design.)


smac – No argument there ! :]

jonhohx – Sure thing.

rulascalaca – I actually prefer the post header picture I posted, but its great at any rate. :]


This lady is pretty, she has the got to be a model, I like her..She looks good in every clothes she wore.. nice pictures!great work!


She soooo beautiful.


Very Cute.I love Meisa. ^^


so beautiful.^^


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