Hachiman Shrine, Irumagawa, Saitama.

Posted By yonghow on June 10th, 2012

Some pictures of Hachiman Jinja ( Shrine ) that I took on a quiet and peaceful morning as I was making my way to Sayamashi station. The shrine is a stone’s throw away from Takeshi/Kojima’s house at Sayama Flat in Irumagawa, Saitama.

(above and below) An assortment of Omikuji (fortune strips) can be found at the oratory, and is often the one thing that captivates me the most every time I visit a shrine.

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Is it wrong of me to say that these posts – of your travels and travel photography – are my fave on your blog?

I should show these pictures to my Mom, she’ll looooove them.


Wow, these photographs are beautiful!
I love the colours and feel!


nice post, pictures are beatiful as usual. I wondering if you have a flckr account or something, I’d really like to see your photos in little bigger size….


Thanks folks ! I had a nice time taking these pictures.

sommer – Yep, I should probably spend sometime to upload these pictures to my flickr ( or some other online gallery ) when I have the time. Thanks for reminding me !


beautiful shots!

great passing by for such a places when ypu go to work.
Greetings mr. Yonghow, your blog it’s a great source of inspiration.

Connie Bischoff

where was this amazing photo of the Tojii taken? I used to live around the corner in the mid 50s when my Dad was at Johnson AB. Our house was to the right after you came down the stairs. There was a Old Japanese house with two American ones to the right of it. They all were fairly high up not on a cliff but a tall bank. If we walked straight instead of to the right, we were on a main street in Irumagawa. I am trying to find it on a map as I wish to visit although I realize that the houses are gone.


Connie – Here’s the location of the Jinja on Google maps. cheers ! :