From Tokyo To Kyoto By Car.

Posted By yonghow on January 23rd, 2014

On our recent trip to Kyoto we made the journey by car, some 500 kilometers starting from Saitama (on the outskirts of Tokyo) and taking about 7 hours of travel time. To beat the rush traffic we woke up around 5am and reluctantly embraced the subzero temperatures of Sayama’s winter morning.

(below) Takeshi fueling up the Suzuki Lapin (known affectionately as Nico-chan) before the long drive.

(above) Passing through the really long Ena Mountain tunnel, somewhere in Gifu. When we finally emerged the landscape has changed completely, the blanketing snow slowing traffic to a crawl.

Thankfully the snow has already stopped by the time we arrive in Kyoto, and we filled up on a tasty lunch at Falafel Garden. (below) Satisfied customers.

On the rooftop of our guesthouse, with a splendid view of Kyoto city and the mountains beyond.

(above) And here’s a slow-motion video of falling snow I took on my Iphone – I’ve forgotten the name of the Shrine we were visiting. You can see the HD version on my vimeo page.

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Eolo Perfido

Really enjoyed the post 🙂 You should do more like that…:) thanks.




*Sigh*… I’m jealous for that (that video at the end, captures the full magic of it!).
Haven’t seen any this winter except for some old, hardened snow when I went for a hike in the mountains. Given that I always ask for snow on my birthday (as #1 present), that wasn’t anywhere near enough to get my fill. :-/

How long is the tunnel?

Doesn’t look like falafel that you were eating though…


Those shots of the city are lovely. Also, the tunnel looks Star Wars-esk.


So beautiful! More of this stuff please ♥


Eolo – I’m glad you enjoyed it ! :] Big fan of your photography, btw.

alua – Hmm I can’t remember for sure but we were travelling pretty fast and still took forever to clear the tunnel.

Falafel’s great there but the set lunch was a rice set and it was good value, so we ate that haha. :]]

Josh-2 – Haha, yes maybe its lighting…

IQ1986 – Thanks ! I’ve got enough pictures on my trip for maybe 1 or 2 more posts, I think. 😛


lovely post and thanx for the video share!
Man i wished it snowed in south of India 🙁 ..


  1. Autumn, Lake Chuzenji, Nikko.