Posted By yonghow on October 18th, 2008

Its been an exceptionally long week at work, thank goodness its over ! Last Sunday I got out of Tokyo and ventured down into Kanagawa perfecture’s Enoshima, a stretch of beautiful sea along the Sagami Bay. Its the start of Autumn and a great time to do some traveling because of the beautiful weather.

(above) A tram service runs in parallel to the Enoshima shoreline, with the final stop ending in Kamakura. It travels at about half the speed of normal trains, which is perfect for sightseeing.

(above) A rather nasty signage near the beach. It was closed so I had no chance of finding out what the shop sells.

(above) It was near mid afternoon by the time I arrived so the sky was already starting to dim, and the light changing with every passing minute. The scenery and stretch of houses facing the sea reminds me so much of Miyazaki Hayao’s Ponyo on the Cliff – I can’t wait for the blu-ray to be released so that I can enjoy it all over again, and again.

(above) A quaint old Tofu store operating late into the night.

And its time to head back to Tokyo again…so where are you folks headed this weekend ?

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nice pics. i’m headed nowhere this weekend. ^^;


gordon – Thanks !


I love that area! That’s the same train you have to take to reach the Dai Butsu isn’t it?


Nicola – Yes I think so ! :]


Did you go to the Temple across the island? I went there during the mid Autumn festival last year. The moon was shinning so beautifully though the temple areas gets a bit spooky after sun down. LOL.


dice – Nope, arrived a wee bit too late to venture over to the island. Certainly don’t mind going back though, its so beautiful !


I am planning a trip for this summer. Can you recommend anything? I am 21 years old, female and from Orlando, FL.


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