Babes Galore, Shinjuku Station.

Posted By yonghow on May 14th, 2008

Advertisement spreads for Shiseido’s “Tsubaki” shampoo in Shinjuku Station, Tokyo. Take a look at the previous campaigns in Shibuya Station here and here.

Now what better way for Shiseido to sell its shampoo than parading a whole bunch of beautiful women ( all big time Japanese celebrities too, mind you ) with luscious looking hair ? The product must be flying off the shelves in stores Japan-wide. For guys at least, its some pretty tasty eye candy we get to see on the way to work.

Shiseido’s choice of red and white for Tsubaki, Japan’s national colors, is no coincidence I’m sure. For more pictures, commercials check out Tsubaki’s official page here.

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8 Responses to “Babes Galore, Shinjuku Station.”


Wow….so pretty photographs! I wish that I am at Shinjuku Stn, so I can stare at that photos for while…*dang*


She is Tsubaki Ayano?
My office is talking about her just now.


ryoko <3 <3


alice – Haha…that was exactly what I did alright… :]

fartboy – Hmm…mix-up here I think. The Tsubaki here is a shampoo by Shiseido, not a person. :p

john – You should definitely check out the commercials on the official page. Ryoko-chan looks absolutely fantastic !


fartboy – Well, is that justice. The guy with the ignorant comment can’t even comment in the right place. Ayano isn’t a man. She was transsexual. This means the biology of her brain is female however her body doesn’t match so. It’s practically impossible to change the biology of the brain therefore they change the body as if it easier and more humane. Anyway, the operations for transwomen like her have better results than that for transmen. She will be all women now I suspect if she had her operations if not, she is still a women in her way of thinking. It depends if you’re shallow enough to regard the body as who a person is. Shells are so deceptive. The biology of her brain is real.




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