Babes Galore in Shibuya station Part 2

Posted By yonghow on September 20th, 2007

Huge advertisement spreads for Shiseido’s “Tsubaki” shampoo line the walls in Shibuya station, Tokyo.

Check out the first series of advertisements in this older post.

Its a pure stroke of luck that I was carrying my camera on both occasions when these advertisements were up in Shibuya station. ( I cycle to work so I don’t really take the trains anymore. ) Yesterday I was on my way to dinner with my friends Takeshi+Kojima in Daikanyama.

With so proud a catchphrase as “日本の女性は、美しい。” ( Japanese women are beautiful ), and a slew of top Japanese actresses serving as models Shiseido must be wooing its customers by the buckloads. I certainly won’t contest the authenticity of the catchphrase one bit. For those who can’t get enough of these babes, there’s a couple of commercials on the official page here. ( in Japanese only )

This stretch of wall in Shibuya station is a favourite spot for advertisers wanting to showcase new campaigns because of the huge number of passengers that transit here everyday. Freedom also had its run in April last year when it was first launched.

I love the advertisement billboards in Tokyo; more often than not they are bold, refreshingly interesting and beautifully presented, splashes of color that add to the uniqueness of Tokyo’s sprawling urban landscape.

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9 Responses to “Babes Galore in Shibuya station Part 2”


Damn.. someone gonna fall into the tracks by just staring at these posters! hahah


Yup, that’s definitely possible.


yes they’re beautiful man..

Danny Choo

When I first saw the title of this post on my site I thought that you went around taking pictures of girls ^^;


Nicola – Agreed.

Danny – There’s just way too many, I won’t be able to keep up ! :]


I’ll never tire of looking at Japanese models. I bet I’ll be one of the unfortunate ones falling into the tracks.


Great, you can join me and fartboy, its kinda cozy down here, when trains aren’t whozzing past, of course.


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