Autumn Leaves, Tokyo

Posted By yonghow on November 19th, 2007

The autumn leaves are finally starting to fall in numbers as temperatures here in Tokyo took a sudden dip these few days. I was cycling home past Kichijoji station yesterday and the temperature display on the outdoor digital billboards read a chilling 5°C. It might just snow this year after all.

I’ve always held a strong sense of fascination for the change of seasons having grew up in tropical Singapore where I’ve experienced only summer my entire life. Its strangely captivating to me that the graduation of colors found on a single maple leaf can sometimes document the entire change of season from summer to autumn. I probably spent more time admiring the transitional colors and shapes of these beautiful maple leaves than I did photographing them.

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It’s been a while since you’ve done one of these slice-of-life photo entries. I really like it. 🙂

My favorite is the 2nd photograph, where the sunlight gives a bit of color and texture to the leaf.


I like the first one. Best contrast and great lighting. =)
I went to Takao n saw many many great leafs. hahaha
I should have asked you along. I think u would have enjoyed taking great pictures. 😀


Wow, that’s cold. I’ll be going to Kyoto and Tokyo in December, hope it doesn’t get too cold >.




orion – Come back soon ! :]

kento – Takao ? Gotta check it out !

Chraen – Its going to get colder ! Bring a comfy coat ! :]

Windbell – 日本語うまいなっ!日本人?:p


yonghow: 当たり前だよ! :p

いやあ。シンガポール人です。日本語はまだまだです。今年JLPT4級の試験を受ける… ^^;