I’m finally back in the studio after a much needed one week break. Its amusing how I am always craving for some personal time when the 18 hour days are killing me but not haven’t the foggiest idea how to spend it well when I do get some. I took lazy afternoon naps, had dinner with some Japanese friends, met up with 2 Singaporean friends who came for the Tokyo Game Show, and watched a couple of films, in between a fair bit of just lounging around doing nothing – an enjoyment nonetheless.

Here are some photos I took while exploring an area near Shimokitazawa.(下北沢)
The first one looks like something straight out of a scene in Akira :


Sep 25th 2007


Sep 20th 2007


Sep 13th 2007

About 2 months ago, word came that we will be helping out with the production for Utada Hikaru’s MTV for “Kiss & Cry“, her latest single. Although Freedom has always been associated with Utada’s music right from the start ( the opening credits feature her song “This is Love” ), the chance to actually work on one her MTVs naturally got me fairly excited, as I am a big fan. A rough cut of the MTV has already been completed, and I was just dying to see it.


Sep 10th 2007

Work on Freedom 5 has just ended, and I finally get a little free time in the studio. The first thing I did was to grab my Tekkon Kinkreet dvd and ask for Ando-san’s autograph, who was the co-director on the film.


Sep 6th 2007

Takeru’s maglev hoverbike from Freedom.

Now…what would one built with Lego look like ?

Aug 31st 2007

It was work as usual yesterday despite the weekend, but in the evening a few of us bugged out for a short breather at the local Matsuri 祭, a traditional Japanese summer night bazaar, or something like that.


Aug 27th 2007

A piece of conceptual artwork done for Freedom 4.


Aug 23rd 2007

Ayanami Rei from Evangelion graces the September cover of Rolling Stone Japan.


Aug 17th 2007

Design for one of two new Freedom posters to be given away as prizes in an upcoming Nissin Cup Noodle Campaign. This is actually a scene appearing in Freedom 4, where Takeru says ” やっぱり外で食ってうまいよな!” – which roughly translates as “It ( Ramen ) just taste better outdoors !” Whatever that means.

Anyway, you probably won’t notice this, but if you are to examine the poster again in detail you might notice that Takeru’s noodle cup is just gargantuan ! Sure, we have 大盛り ( jumbo ) sized cup ramen here in Tokyo, but that’s really pushing it. A correctly sized cup would have looked tiny in Takeru’s hands, so I figured the modellers scaled that up upon request from Nissin.

Aug 13th 2007
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