School Food Punishment

Posted By yonghow on July 18th, 2007

I haven’t been following much Japanese music other than Hikkie these days, but during a recent trip to Tsutaya an album playing in the store caught my fancy so much I asked for it after listening to just 2 songs. It turns out the copy they were playing was the only one they had in the store – so its a case of pure serendipity I guess. The album is “School Food is Good Food” by a relatively new band who call themselves School Food Punishment. Please don’t ask me why; Japanese bands have the strangest names.

You can listen to 2 sample tracks from the album here. I’m drawn inexplicably to music which triggers my brain to visually create scenarios, a sort of mental mise en scene – which very often create inspiration for my animation projects. Music by Chicane and Clannad, for example, and most recently School Food. I really like that feeling.

By the way, my 2 year old Ipod is dying on me. There’s rumours abound that the 6th generation Ipod will feature a full touchscreen like the Iphone, so let’s see what Steve Jobs say later this year before I make plans to replace my old one.

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At first there was Shonen Knife…and then there came “Bump of Chicken”


yeah! heard too! it’s almost like an iphone but without network connectivity, communication capabilities, camera and other applications currently in iPod. Imagine scrolling using a virtual click wheel or browsing using the Cover Flow app. nice!


haha i thought Asian Kungfu Generation was weird.

School Food? On contrary, I enjoyed my school food.


sixth generation? mm…

wonder what Steve has installed for us this time

Erik Westlund

I’m sorry if this is a little off topic from iPod rumors (always welcome) and cool bands with funky/odd names (fun and interesting) but…

…you write beautifully. I’ve been reading back through your posts. Very nice. I wish I had such command of more than one language.


Zero and Fartboystinks – Buck-Tick, Kinki Kids, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, the list goes on. Coincidentally, Asian Kungfu Generation and Bump of Chicken are really popular here, so far as I know.

Jackson and Adrian – I heard there’s going to be a stylus as well. Battery life must be a big challenge if its going to go full touchpanel, but if they got it figured out for Iphone, it shouldn’t be too big a problem I guess.

Eric – Thank you for the kind words, but I really beg to differ ! I urge you to take a look at my friend Subaltern’s blog ( on my blogroll ); now that’s beautiful writing. :]


hey yong, thanks for leaving me a not on my blog- great to see what kind of work you do. you must be having sooo much fun in japan- i am jealous. your ipod comment got me excited and my ipod is about 2 and a half years old- so you’ve inspired me to wait..


Hello Tessar, thanks for dropping by. Your illustration pieces that they showcased on really caught my eye, I look forward to seeing more of your work on your blog soon. :]


I found your blog whilst looking for SFP stuff via google (Heard them randomly on myspace) And i’ve been trying to find the CD ever since!


Hey Sam, glad you found it ! Some great music isn’t it ? :]