do as infinity splits

Posted By yonghow on October 1st, 2005

Having bought us memorable tracks like “Yesterday & Today”, “Fukai Mori”, “Rakuen” amongst others, Japanese rock group Do As Infinity has officially disbanded with the release of their greatest hits album “Do The A side”, which contains all 20 singles since their debut in 1999 with “Tangerine Dream”. Recalling the early days when the trio performed as a street band in Shibuya before they made it big, to the times when their official website was launched and they saw only an average of 7 visitors per day, DAI’s has come a long way, and their collective music will be missed.

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i love Do as infinity i first heard them in the animated series of Inu-Yasha then i started googling them until i turned into a official fan to bad they broke up. they had a very original sound….


Hey, I had no idea their song was used for Inu-Yasha, but great band alright. :]