Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Posted By yonghow on June 14th, 2015

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

For the past 2 weeks or so I’ve been rather busy getting myself settled in Vancouver BC, Canada where I’ve taken up a job in Sony Imageworks.

The office is located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver and I cycle to work from my apartment in East Broadway, crossing Cambie Bridge which offers an excellent view of Spyglass Dock ( below ).

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

(above) A partial view of Coal Harbor at dusk from my hotel during my first week in Vancouver.

With my computer and net access up and running again I’m planning to resume my regular postings of art book reviews, so check back again soon. Meanwhile, I’ll head out and enjoy the great summer weather here in BC.

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YOU’RE IN VANCOUVER?! I’ve visited this site from time to time but I can’t believe you’re actually HERE! (I live in North Vancouver). Kyaaa this is so cool if I run into you while I’m shopping I’ll say hi! 😀
P.S: Do you have a picture of your artbook collection? Looks like you have a lot… o.O


Did you bring your entire collection to Canada? 😀


J.S – Glad to be here, love the weather ! Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of my collection, back in Singapore I’ve just been stacking them up as I no longer have the shelf space for all of them. 😛

Anh – Haha, no I didn’t. Will be getting new shipments of books from Amazon Japan though. :]


Whoa! Just had to say, i’ve been following all your reviews for the various artbooks and everything art related and wanted to say what an amazing job you’ve been doing. Thanks so much for the detailed information and welcome to BC!

(quite the surprise to open my newsletter to see that you moved so close haha)

Petit Orenji

Is the shipping going to be outrageous now since you’re across a vast pool of ocean?
You’re from Singapore, right? Gosh, that must be a breath of fresh [cool] air.


Yonghow, I’m glad to hear that you’re settle in B.C., and I look forward to more posts on this excellent blog. I check this site several times a week and enjoy it quite a lot. Continue the great work, and enjoy your time in this scenic part of the world (I’m in Seattle)!
Tony Akins


Jon – Thank you ! Enjoying my time in Vancouver ! :]

Petit Orenji – I have to pay an additional import fee of about 5 USD, but the shipping charges are otherwise the same if I were to ship to Singapore. And as to the move it literally is a breath of very fresh air, haha.

Tony – Thanks for the kind words ! Always glad to hear from a happy reader. :]


Ah sweet Vancouver, i’ve been there a couple times, very lovely place. I remember from watching smallville, the show makers chose Vancouver as the setting of Metropolis because of all the glassy buildings (plus its just cheaper to shoot in canada). Also lucky enough to catch Jurassic Park there in theatres during its initial 1993 run. Anyways enough rambling, welcome to Canada!


Wow, Vancouver is such an exciting city – lucky you 🙂 Have a great time exploring and take care!


Thanks ! I hope to do as much exploring as I can. :]


martin – Thank you ! Hope to do some exploring around here whenever I have some free time to spare. :]


Best luck for your new job (or maybe it’s the same job, but in a completely new setting).
Although I don’t know you personally, I’ve always had the feeling that you are a “citizen of the world”, and this move reinforces my impression.
I’m glad to hear that you will keep on posting interesting stuff.


Mario – Thanks for the kind words ! It’s nice to have the chance to live and work in another country, opens up one’s vision. :]


Welcome to Canada, Yonghow! I hope you enjoy working and living in Vancouver.

I’d highly recommend checking out Victoria and the surrounding area, if you get a chance.

I’m from Ottawa/Toronto, myself.


Josh – Thanks ! I have a friend from Vancouver Island so hopefully she can show me around. :]


Wow just found out you are now in Vancouver! You and Parka are the most legit resources on art book reviews, I’ve been using you guys for years. Thank you so much for your work! I know a guy who works at Sony Imageworks and he collects a lot of artworks too, I had to ask him if you guys were the same person haha. I’ll be working just a block away at the Telus Garden, I’d love to have coffee with you sometime!


David – Thank you for the kind words. The Telus building looks amazing, I assume you’re working for Telus then ? Coffee sounds like a great idea. :]