Utada Hikaru and red camisoles

Posted By yonghow on February 8th, 2008

(above) Album cover for Utada Hikaru’s soon to be released album “Heart Station”. Thanks to Jasrie for the update.

Its no secret in our studio that me and my animator colleague Morie-san are absolute suckers for Utada Hikaru. I’ve been an avid fan since “First Love” (released some 9 years ago) so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I started working on Freedom, for which she sang 2 theme songs, “This is Love” and “Kiss & Cry“.

Anyhoo, the two of us are frequent visitors to her blog and just very recently Utada posted pictures of herself dressed in a sexy, bright red camisole. I can’t post her photographs without permission but they are here, here and here.

Quote “(YES!くまちゃんのかわいい顔が入った!)(私の腕と首は限界)”

Which roughly translates “Kuma-chan’s (her toy bear) cute face in the picture ! I can show no more than my neck and shoulders.”

From the pictures Utada seems to have lost quite a bit of weight ( as compared to say, how she looked in her PV for “Flavor of Life” ) and coupled with the camisole she looked nothing sort of stunning. No sooner was I scrutinizing the rest of her post wondering what she wrote did Morie-san forward me the exact same link to her blog post on Live Messenger.

“Check out that camisole !!!!”

Talk about good timing. Even on MSN he sounded as excited a man who just struck the national lottery.

Reading on Utada added : “基本的に家ではキャミ+パジャマ” ( “At home its just camisoles and pyjamas.” )

Which unsurprisingly made Morie-san bleed uncontrollably from the nose.


“I’m a woman now ! (“I’ve grown up !”) Hahaha ! Even the newpapers are saying that the pictures of me in my album jacket cover are just oozing with the sex appeal of a woman ! Hahaha !”

“くまちゃんなりたいなっ!” ( “Turn me into her Teddy bear, anytime !” ) – Morie-san quipped. We had a good laugh.

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If you are bothered by the minke whales, watch the Ep.4 of the second season of Torchwood “Meat”.

Trust me, Torchwood and the contemporary seasons of Doctor Who are the best things that happened to sci-fi TV


you’re right! she does seem to have lost some weight since the release of “Flavor of Life”…


She’s definitely lost weight. Her chin and collarbone are so defined in the new pics. She’s so pretty!

I used to love her so much in high school. This Korean girl and I used to walk into Spanish class singing “First Love” really loudly. The Japanese guy that sits behind us would get so annoyed and walk out of class. Hahaha!! Good times.


one – Thanks for the recommendation ! :]

Jasrie – Most definitely ! Nice !

Ivy – Haha, I wonder how you girls sounded like ! :p

tragic comedy

i always remember her for the music videos earlier in her career…especially those done by her ex husband.


Apparently, we sounded pretty good, b/c random teachers started walking into the room and complementing us. HAHAHA!


Finally a rap version of First love, its pretty good too