Tokyo Trip, Autumn 2014.

Posted By yonghow on November 3rd, 2014

Tokyo Trip, Autumn 2014.

Every year I pay a visit to my good friends Takeshi/Kojima in Saitama Japan, whom I’ve known for 10 years since my days as a film student in Tokyo. It’s also a good opportunity to catch up on some good Japanese food, art books and excellent exhibitions like the Kon Satoshi Retrospective and the Ghibli Structures exhibition, and more.

I’m currently going through the photographs I’ve taken and am preparing reviews for the numerous art books I’ve lugged home. In the meantime, you can take a look at some of photographs from the trip on my Instagram.

(image above) 2 totoro minatures I picked up at the Ghibli structures exhibition which I promptly put to work as photo models in my host’s little garden.

More updates soon.

Tokyo Trip, Autumn 2014.


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Can’t wait for more pics, though I know only too well that sorting through pictures, editing and all can be very time consuming.


Rejuvenating the soul and mind thank you for sharing and giving us eyes to see from afar.


alua – Yes indeed, but it’s kinda fun !

DISTRAKT – Thanks for the kind words. :]


I love this beauty and this simplicity that comes along on the Studio Ghibli artwork.
Here in France, there is a nice exposition on Ghibli’s artwork at the ART LUDIQUE MUSEUM in Paris. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see Miyazaki’s and Tanahaka’s work so close!
I won’t miss it! 🙂
I usually see your posts and I think how it must be nice to be able to be next to so wonderful exhibitions as you do… Thanks por sharing it with us!


Veveth – I’m glad you enjoy my posts. That sounds like a great exhibition in Paris. I envy you , you’re living in such a beautiful city. :]


Great stuff as always. How were the Kon and Ghibli exhibitions? Is the Kon one worth going to?


M – I just posted an article regarding the Ghibli exhibition here :

I’ll also be writing about the Satoshi Kon exhibition later on, but it is definitely worth visiting. :]