Spring, Musashiseki Park, Tokyo.

Posted By yonghow on April 17th, 2013

The weather was spectacular and the Sakuras in full blossom so we headed down to Musashiseki Park for hanami. I used to live in Tanashi, which is also along the Seibu Shinjuku line and have passed by this park countless times on the train to Shinjuku, but have never paid a visit till now.

Breakfast was some delicious waffles (made by Kojima), topped with Maple syrup and butter. And the obligatory Mr Donuts for me.

Sekkaku dakara we tried on the rowing boats for a bit, I think it was about 700 yen for a half hour. Great for dates. (below) Mandarins are out in force enjoying the Spring weather as well.

Runch was some cheap sushi and bento we bought in Sayama Supa, but don’t let the price fool you; these are still pretty tasty.

We then followed the scenic route along the train track towards Shakujii Park, often featured in TV programs and J-dramas when shooting boating scenes. Kojima says it reminded her of a similar park in Berlin.

(above) An Ema board in a small Shinto Shrine along the way.


2 Responses to “Spring, Musashiseki Park, Tokyo.”


I know I’m supposed to admire the cherry blossoms, but the Ema board picture is my favourite!

What’s with the obligatory Mr. Donut? For breakfast?!?!?

I love how your friend is standing on a concrete block to make herself a little taller next to you two guys!


alua – There’s no Mr Donuts in Singapore, so I try to get my fill when I go there, even if it’s for breakfast. đŸ˜›