New Year visit to Kojima’s hometown, Yokohama.

Posted By yonghow on January 24th, 2008

A few days after thawing out from our ski trip in Gunma we visited Kojma-chan and her parents in Yokohama. It was still the new year period and Kojima-chan wanted us to experience the traditional Japanese way of celebration.

To start off we were treated to some traditional Japanese new year cusine called Osechi, (お節料理, above) a combination of various light dishes like fishcakes, konbu and chestnuts. I adored some and abhorred others, but the beautiful colours and exquisite presentation was no doubt an eye opener.

After we had our fill of food the girls changed into kimonos and we headed out for Takoage ( kite flying, another traditional new year activity. (For those of us in Singapore who grew up accustomed to Chinese New Year celebrations this might sound like a very strange thing to do; but I guess the same can be said of our own traditions from a Japanese’s point of view.) Kojima’s father prepared a smashing Hokusai kite just for today.

(below) Off to the kite flying grounds.

Prepping the take off.

And off it goes !

There was nary a draught, much less any wind that evening so I can’t say the kite flying met with much success, but it was nice to take a walk out after so much food, and the scenery was pretty, the air refreshing and cool.

And finally a visit to the nearby shrine to wish for some good luck for the coming new year.

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As for the question you asked in the other post: my hometown is Yokosuka, but I moved to the US approximately six years ago.

In another topic, arrangement of the osechi is very cute.

Sylon Beta

The Osechi looks good to my hungry mind. And I think that each culture has its own heritage and mannerisms, so while people from different parts of the world celebrate in different ways, none of it is odd; it’s more of a wonderful thing, diversity.

Anyway, thanks for posting these pictures. They’re a nice eye opener.


Kasumi – Thanks for answering my questions. Please visit often ! :]

Sylon Beta – Thank you ! I enjoyed the Japan trip photos you posted on your blog too.


Do they eat such beautiful food during new year?

My mum don do that. Hope she can learn from the picture and do something similar in the coming Chinese new year ^^


Oh, this is the Japan I would like to live: good friends, calm evenings and something flying. Thank you!


XiaoRouWan – I so miss Chinese new year ! *sobs*

Nicola – :] Come back soon Nicola !


YongHow, so would you be celebrating the Chinese New year this year?