Merry Christmas, and a Halcyon New Year.

Posted By yonghow on December 25th, 2014

Thank you for visiting Halcyon Realms in 2014. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. :]

It doesn’t snow where I’m from, but here’s a slow-motion video of falling snow I took in Kyoto earlier this year :

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

eolo perfido

Merry Christmas to you ! And thanks for the great blog.



Merry Christmas


Your website has introduced me to many brilliant artists! I always check back here for interesting new articles. I especially liked the interview you did with bahi jd. Keep doing your thing, you rule! From NZ


Keep doing what you’re doing mate =)

Don Austin

Merry Christmas, man!


Merry Christmas to you!
Your blog is always worth reading (and watching), both the book reviews and the reports from around the world (particularly from Japan).


Thanks for the support guys ! Lots of art book reviews lined up for next year, stay tuned ! :]


quite late but Merry Christmas!! Thanks to you, i came to know lot of greats artbooks and artist.