Italy Trip I : Transit In Dubai

Posted By yonghow on January 6th, 2013

I had initially settled on a 13 hours direct SQ flight to Rome but the dates didn’t fit my schedule well, so I opted for Emirates instead. It was also good chance to explore Dubai Airport, which I heard is amazing. There was an 8 hour layover for the connecting flight to Rome so Emirates provided a Copthorne hotel room for some decent rest, FOC. Sweet !

Dubai Airport is ginormous. The infrastructure I feel, is excellent and definitely on par with Singapore’s Changi Airport, but I think in terms of customer service and ease of navigation within the airport, the latter is still better. After getting off the tarmac there were no clear signs indicating where arrivals should head to and many of us were lost for a while searching where to go.

(above & below) Some familiar franchises and their respective brand names in Arabic. Upon inspection, the menus aren’t all that different from any other country.

(above) My favourite past time on planes; cloud gazing. If its a daytime flight I always get a window seat.

(above) The first glimpse of the Italian coastline. The Eternal City, here we come !

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I always get aisle seats. I don’t like heights! And actually, I’m no fan of flying (ever since a plane I was on fell through air hole 2-hours into a transatlantic flight…).

Love bilingual signs. I think the picture with the trolleys is my fave this time.


alua – Turbulences are pretty scary alright. I’ve encountered a few nasty dives myself before, which is why I always have my seatbelt on these days. 😛


I’m a big fan of your blog and you helped me once with a complicated transaction with amazon japan, I live in the united states but I’m originally from Milan, Italy, I was just there for Christmas, I`m not sure if you are going to some other cities in addition to Rome but if you do let me know if you need to be hooked up with a place to stay.


luca – Thank you so much for the offer ! I was in Milan for 4 days and I loved it there too, you hometown is amazing. :]