Earthquake in Tokyo.

Posted By yonghow on August 10th, 2008

I came back home from work on Friday night and found this mess in my room – most certainly the handiwork of the 4.5 temblor that shook Tokyo earlier that afternoon, which was also felt at work. Apparently the elevators in the building came to an emergency stop, an SOP I think. The quake lasted only seconds, but it was a particularly nasty one. Here’s a news report.

As you can see from the photograph my rented room looks like a warehouse for books; It all comes down to a matter of space ( or lack thereof ), when you are pressed for real estate there’s no place to go but up.  One of these days I might really be crushed by my books if a major quake hits ( which everyone says is long overdue, touchwood. )

(below) Damaged repaired.

You guys out there affected by earthquakes too ?

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I wonder how many figurine/book/dvd collections have been crushed by earthquakes as such. For once, it’s great to be a collector in Singapore. At least you don’t need to worry about your collection getting destroyed by the even slightest earthquake.


u need a proper bookshelf with quake protection installed.

i’ll send u one in the mail tomorrow.

Harry D.

Even better solution, send me all your books, I’ll make sure they are safe 🙂


The last big one (Itabashi) almost knock over my clothing plastics boxes over me and my pc. After that I moved that and anything taller than me far away LOL.

Btw, does hiding under the table helps? or just get down to the street as fast as possible.


double – I miss singapore !

gordon – Perfect. :]

Harry – Nice try ! :p

xenohawk – Hmm, my room is so small there’s no other place where my books can go ! Haha. I think if its just a moderate quake the table should suffice, but if its a whopper that collapses buildings getting out of ther house and onto open grounds is the best bet. I hope we never have to test that theory though.


You need a proper storage space solution, or maybe get a bigger room! Laughs! Well im a glad you were alright when the earthquake struck.


i envy you of this bunch of books, and this room… and all the japanese stuff there… even the big pet bottles!! a few weeks ago i was unpacking my packages i sent from tokyo to germany. everything i haven’t packed away. my room is messed up. but there are no earthquakes here 🙂 here in north germany.


Jasrie – Yes how I wish I have a bigger room !

nagano – Hello Nagano, how is life back in Germany ? I like it here in Tokyo but you might not be so envious of me once you know how many hours I have to work every day. :[


hey, i am fine, thank you. i will soon start studying in berlin. it’s just the matter that it cost very very much.
but you kinda found your dream in your work, didn’t you? it’s amazing. i am sure you have stress with your work, but that’s always in every case, i suppose. it’s great you still find time to update your blog 🙂
btw. what did u study? i read 2 years in toho gakuen, tokyo, and computer graphics?


nagano – I studied filmmaking in Toho Gakuen. Animation was something I picked up when I was still in Singapore. :]


Woah. You have lots of books! I give myself restrictions to buying books because I don’t have space in my room.


Parka – Thanks for visiting ! I think I’m going to have a big headache shipping these books home in the future ! :p


woow ! you have many books!
hey! here there is no earthquake in TUNISIA


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