Autumn Yellow, Tokyo

Posted By yonghow on December 6th, 2007

Some rather hastily composed shots of Tokyo’s (Ogikubo) late autumn landscape, taken while I was out for my lunch break. Everything you see here looks more vibrant and intense when viewed in person. Further down the road in the direction of Higashi Koenji (東高円寺) and Shinjuku the trees are blooming even more rampantly but I didn’t have the time to venture that far.

Illuminated by Tokyo’s mid afternoon light ( similar to late afternoon light 4/5pm in Singapore, though less harsh ) the leaves reflect and bounce off so much ambient light the streets and buildings are bathed in a brilliant, almost glaring yellowish glow. Kinda reminds me of the look in Jean Pierre Jeunet’s Amelie or A Very Long Engagement. The 2 pictures with the fallen leaves look quite different because the tar pavements are fairly dark and absorb most of the reflected ambient light…I think.

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Absolutely lovely!
Wish I could be there to see it…


Beautiful pictures you have there, I bet it looks much better in person.


I love that last picture. 🙂

tragic comdey

the leaves have a very unique shape…


Nice. I like the one with the feet.


Thanks folks ! Now I need to go hunt down those scarlet red leaved trees. :]


you are right! i really enjoy this autumn in tokyo! me too i always have to stop to have a closer look to the autumn’s colours here 🙂 i am also taking pictures


I’m glad you are enjoying your time in Tokyo. :] Please post more pictures on your blog !


It’s amazing how rich the world appears in the eyes of an artist.