Tekkon Kinkreet – White / Shiro Side Art Book Review

Posted By yonghow on November 15th, 2010

The “White / Shiro Side” is book 2 of a double book set from Michael Aria’s anime film “Tekkon Kinkreet”. While the “Black / Kuro Side” volume ( see post here ) showcased concept art and image/mood boards, this book focuses on the many gorgeous background art plates used in the film.

With almost 300 pages of artwork crammed into the book – that’s a lot of background plates to paint for just one film – and way too many to show in this post. What you see here are just a small collection from what the book has to offer.

As mentioned in my previous post, Takaramachi ( treasure town ) is actually is an amalgamation of several real locations in Tokyo – often a swirling and dizzying mess of shapes and colors formed by the many street signs and billboards – but somehow the background plates still work beautifully and there is a visual harmony that binds each piece together.

Looking at all these art work is making me miss Tokyo terribly – I’ll love to go back there to work, if only the hours weren’t so insane !

(above) I was lucky enough to procure a copy with Kimura Shinji’s autograph, awesome ! ( this is only available in Japan )

Tekkon Kinkreet “Shiro / White” Art Book details :

– Dimensions – 10.2 x 7.2 x 1 inches
– Hardcover with jacket, 296 pages
– Full Color, Japanese text

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14 Responses to “Tekkon Kinkreet – White / Shiro Side Art Book Review”


Tekkon Kinkreet had some of the best background art I’ve seen in animation. Ive been trying to collect a lot of the high res background plates from online but I guess this is the book to get!


Daniel – I highly recommend this, the pictures tell it all. :]

Robert Trujillo

Amazing!!! One of my favorite anime films!!! Cant wait to get the book.


Hey fantastic review ! do you know where to get this other than ebay jp ?? i live in France and tryna to find it but i can’t !!
if you know some place or website…hit me up !

thanks you so much for posting awesome illustration book!!


The colors from the book are exactly how you see in this pictures?

because i think my version is a bootleg. Ok the letters on the cover are embossed but the colors from the paintings are so dull and have no life, the blues have a lot of grey in them.


Luis – The colors shown in the above pictures are quite close to what is in the book. Where did you purchase the book from ? If its from Amazon Japan, it should be an authentic copy.


I bought it from a store in London. I’m only going to know if it is real or not when i buy the black version from Amazon Japan.

But i think the thing is that i’m used to the Ghibli art books with the high quality glossy paper and this is just normal.


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