Suntory x Final Fantasy VII Potion

Posted By yonghow on October 24th, 2007

Osaka beverage maker Suntory and Square Enix made Final Fantasy VII fans really happy with the release of “Final Fantasy VII Potion“, a very limited set of Citrus flavored can drinks decorated by characters from the famed series, with a total of 16 gorgeous designs to collect :

This drink, released to celebrate Final Fantasy VII’s 10 anniversary, went on sale only yesterday but have since disappeared completely from the convenience stores near my studio – an excellent measure of the FF brand’s immense popularity in Japan.

I really like Vincent’s character design – I wished they had made one more design for him instead of say, Yuffie. Guess maybe she’s a hot favourite among fans. And where’s Kadaj and his 2 melancholic friends ?

Visit the drink’s official page to watch the television commercial.

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12 Responses to “Suntory x Final Fantasy VII Potion”


wow…so crazy!


I liked their previous potion that came in the 1:1 scale potion bottles though. They’re really pretty.

Tiny Red Man

lol.i cant imagine ur HP returns back to normal after drinking it..


oh is called “badge” facebook. you need to create a badge in facebook. just type when you log in and you can create a new badge and copy codes for your wordpress. 🙂 let me know if you get it.


Gotta open one of the cans and get a taste of the potion soon I think…I heard the last potion they released tasted really bad. :]

alice – Thank you ! I’ll give it a try soon !


let us know what it taste like!? ^^


Vincent is the hottest of em all. Haha. XD
I especially love his awesome red coat/cape thingie!


I only got 5 cans. I want Yufie!


Hey cloud is the coolest charcter from the final fantasy sereis ever no one shopuld dise him in the name of final fantasy 7!!!!!! Who has seen the movie adven childern that is the best final fantasy movie that has been made….. come chat with me if you want to talk about the movie!!


Oh Sure, they wouldnt dare release this in america, that is such crap. Maybe the japanese should realise that we like final fantasy and cool japanese stuff too. its not like they would lose money from releasing it here.




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