Otomo Katsuhiro Illustration, Atre Kichijoji

Posted By yonghow on September 18th, 2011

A brilliant promotional poster by Otomo Katsuhiro ( of Akira fame ) for Atre’s ( a shopping mall ) grand opening in Kichijoji last September. This one went completely under my radar.

I absolutely love Kichijoji and used to pass by it on my cycle to work every day to Sunrise Animation Studios. ( which incidentally, is where Otomo work too ) Kichijoji is choked full of interesting shops, fantastic food, and heck, even Studio 4C is located there.

Looks like there’s more than a couple of items I’m going be hunting for when I head to Tokyo next month. :]

Top 3 images courtesy of Gaijin Tokyo Underground.


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i just came accross this somewhere too, actually! i have been looking all over for one but to no avail. please if you find any beyond one for yourself, please tell me and i will pay you for it! you know the kind of Otomo fan i am!


Zack – I’ll keep my eyes open. :]


Hello, you have a great blog and I enjoy very much reading it.
I like to ask if, do you know what katsuhiro otomo is working now? his lasts works were Mushishi(live-action) and I think art book called “park” in 2006, i´m big fan of his work. Thanks and keep with your great blog.


Such talent and imagination. Otomo Katushiro is an amazing artist. It’d be great if more Western writers and directors would work with him.


Felipe – Thanks for visiting ! I actually have no knowledge of the book “Park” that you mentioned, so maybe you are more informed than I am. Do you have a link to a picture ?

As far as I know Otomo-san has not been involved in any major projects these recent years, often providing only guidance/advice to younger directors, but I’ll be sure to post any news here should I find out anything. :]


i think Park was the booklet that came with his issue of BRUTUS.


Zack was right! It was a short colored story that appeared in the magazine Brutus, I misunderstood has a book. I been doing some “digging” and find the short story on your blog! is funny how the world works. Here is the link your post, that mention the work:



Felipe – Yep, Zack’s correct. I had no idea the book was called “Park”, haha. Thanks Zack !


Great..:D you’re going to tokyo??I just left :)))


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