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Posted By yonghow on March 26th, 2012

*UPDATE 240412 – The book review for this book is up !*

No no, this is not an early April Fools day joke – the good people behind Otomo Katsuhiro’s upcoming Genga Exhibition in Tokyo have very generously made the exhibition catalogue available for purchase from Amazon Japan. ( The book will be on sale from the 23rd of April – you can pre-order it now. )

That’s right. Christmas came really early this year !

(above) The cover art for the catalogue – designs and other details are subject to change.

I’ll be heading down to the exhibition in early May and will try to document as much as I can, but this book should more than please Otomo fans.

“Otomo Katsuhiro Genga Exhibition Catalogue” art book details :
( Available for pre-orders – book will be released on the 23rd of April )

– Dimensions – 36.2 x 25.6 x 2 cm
– ( Most likely ) Softcover, 256 pages
– Full color, ( most likely ) in Japanese language

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amazing. i can’t wait to get this. Otomo must know how much people want his stuff now.

Harry Dechering

I hope there is some new or unseen artwork in this.


Man….after years of relatively little news it would seem the Otomo floodgates are wide open!

A new issue of BRUTUS is coming soon:


And also a special issue of the art “mook” Geijutsu Shincho:


Just picked this up today and it’s FANTASTIC!! About 90 pages of Otomo content including pics and interviews and an all new color comic!!

Just weeks away from the exhibit’s opening now!! Very exciting!!!


could you possibly post links to where i could buy those two magazines? or maybe even if you would be interested in purchasing them for me and shipping them to the US. i would pay you through Palpal or something that would work for you?


thank you so much! unfortunately, i don’t think that first one will ship to international addresses. i will see what i can do, thank you!


These look great!


Does someone knows the content of the book ?

I have AKIRA CLub and KABA 1 & 2 and I wonder if this book is worth buying: does it contains unpublished material ?


Atom – Will post a review of the book the first chance I have ! :]


Many thanks in advance ! 🙂


Yes, there are many pieces that are NOT in Kaba 1 or 2, particularly from his earliest manga days.

Pretty much ALL of the stuff in Kaba is here too, but it’s presented in a “rawer” format, meaning you can see the pencil lines and smudges. It’s more like seeing the art in person rather than a reproduction.

If you are on the fence, don’t be….definitely place an order for this book….well worth the price!!


Would love to see a review of this catalog. I’m dying to see the interiors. Any chance they have scans of original pages? I’ve always been curious how large the pages he draws are, from
Looking at it, they don’t seem much larger than the printed publication.

Thanks for your efforts and reviews on this site! I visit often and have learned about a ton of new stuff here:)


Cobalt 60

Kaba 1 is available at Otomo’s exhibition at the price of 5000 yen, its original price. More interesting and less expensive than Kaba 2. I wonder if it’s a reprint.

The original size of page are the same as the US comic books original. The size is a standard on on pre-printed paper with blue lines.

I bought the catalog at the exhibition, it’s a good work. HD scans of the originals. The weak point is the layout of the pages which is pretty messy.


Hey colbolt 60
Thanks for the info! I have a copy of Kaba 1, and i do have Kaba 2 on the way from Japan

Interesting about originals..so they are about 11″x17″..wow, they really do look much smaller. Hard to really tell.

Thanks for the info!