Akita, Asobi No Fukei – Kazuo Oga Art Book Review

Posted By yonghow on January 11th, 2010

A quaint and delightful collection of watercolor paintings await the reader in Kazuo Oga’s latest artbook, “Akita, Asobi No Fukei”. ( the title refers to the many sights and scenery of places where he used to play ) For those unfamiliar with his work,  Oga-san is the renowned background artist who gave us such unforgettable backdrops in many a Ghibli film like Totoro, Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away, just to name a few.

This is Kazuo-san’s most personal artbook to date, for all the illustrations are based on memories of his childhood, growing up in the villages of his hometown Akita.  ( a prefecture situated in the northeastern part of Japan. )

Peppered throughout the book are deft pencil sketches of every day items used for the preparation of meals, as well as self made toys and tools, all a joy to look at.

(above) What a happy sight ! ! Bentos ( lunchboxes ) suspended above a firewood stove used to warm the classroom in winter. How can one concentrate in class with all that tasty food in plain view !

A copy of the book is available for purchase here.


8 Responses to “Akita, Asobi No Fukei – Kazuo Oga Art Book Review”


This looks like a really great book. I enjoyed reading your article about his exhibition a while back, so it’s nice to see some more of Kazuo Oga’s work


Looking at these, they bring a smile to your face. He’s caught the innocent of youth in this body work. I think it’s time for me to brush up on Oga-san’s work. Thanks for the post.


Those pages look so good! There’s something about the artists of the older generation’s specialty in infusing warmth into their artwork.


Daniel – Any new book by Kazuo-san is always a treat ! :]

Waltlanta – Thanks for putting it so eloquently, I feel exactly the same way when reading the book.

weigy – Kazuo-san is definitely one of the veterans, it would be hard to imagine Ghibli’s films without his background art !

daniel thomas macinnes

This is magnificent! I’m always happy when you share these discoveries. I will definitely have to buy a copy of this book…just as soon as I actually have spare money. All that doesn’t go towards bills goes towards plane tickets.


daniel thomas macinnes – I’m glad you enjoyed the review, and great work on your blog too, as always ! :]


Just stopped by to say that the Kazuo Oga exhibition book arrived. Thanks again for your awesome service 🙂


What a magnificent way to expose your childhood, trought drawing those greats moments, Kazuo Oga is a great artist! What a great review!

I hope you can post more frequently once again very soon; and also see you work for Industries Light & Magic in singapoure, congratulations Vong!