Kamen Rider galore, Shinjuku Station

Posted By yonghow on August 19th, 2009

The Masked (Kamen) Riders and their arch enemies Shockers turn out in force in Shinjuku to promote their latest film “All Riders VS. Great Shocker”, celebrating a decade run of the latest ( Heisei period ) Kamen Rider series. A whopping total of more than 20 different Riders are set to appear in the film.

I was never a hardcore fan of the Riders and can only name 3 or 4 of them – (above) Riders “Black” and “Black RX”, their series were both screened on Malaysian television when I was a kid. Singapore never had such luck. (below) The Rider in the middle is “Super One”, in my opinion one of the more classy looking riders and probably my favourite.

(above) I’m not too familiar with that feral looking Rider – or is he a Shocker ? (below) Some funky looking costumes.

(above) This particular Rider must feel kinda shortchanged having been bestowed only half a shoddy mask – anyone know his story ? (below) Ssup Dawg ?

So which is your favourite Rider/Shocker ?

With hundreds of thousands of commuters passing through every day, this stretch of underground walkway near Shinjuku Marunouchi station is an advertising hotspot  – check out this older Kanebo ad, Maquillage, MGS – Guns of the Patriots launch, Kimura Takuya selling Nissin Cup Noodles, and Freedom Project.

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OH MY LORD OF HEAVENS ABOVE! I am a huge, huge fan of Kamen Rider and am very envious of you at the moment. Kamen Riders are some of the manliest characters that have walked the entertainment world.

Kamen Rider Black and Black RX are my favorite. The feral looking one is from a movie called Shin Kamen Rider. The one you like is called Kamen Rider Super One, he was pretty fun but none among my absolute favorites. The ‘short-changed’ one is Riderman, 1 of the most beloved Kamen Riders of all time since since he’s the 4th Rider, right after V3.

If there’s a way… for me to have all these guys as one giant wallpaper either for my laptop or my studio, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Fernando Ramos

I do believe Riderman is played by none other than everyone’s favorite David Bowie impersonator, Gackt!

As far as my own favorite Kamen Rider, I haven’t seen any of the Showa-era riders, but as far as the Heisei stuff goes, I absolutely love the hell out of Kamen Rider Faiz, which had a funky Greek letter theme going on and a real classy henshin device. However, I also dig Kabuto’s slickness and time-stop antics.


Dude…. that has so much win… the only Kamen Rider’s I’ve really seen are Kabuto ( Which I got about half way through before life interfered and prevented me from continuing, I have yet to finish it) and Decade, which is really awesome. If anyone DOES make a wallpaper out of this, PLEASE send me an email with it. It will replace my current wallpaper: The Green and White Mighty Morphin’ Rangers


I must confesse i don´t know anything about Kamen Rider, but i can tell it is old school, the only thing i know in this tone it´s ultraman and power rangers, i pressume it is something alike.

Sorry, no hardcore fan, but i promise i will look for some story later, at least i can say the suits are really nice!


can you steal the posters for me? 😛


A big fan of KR, though, the first time i saw a complete series was this year, watching KR Kiva, i have been watching Decade and saw most of Den-o. I have gone so far to have henshin sounds on my phone, and doing a Kiva cosplay last february.

( i look funny but i wanted to do a KR cosplay for long!)

Watching KR Decade is doing a very lengthy review of 10 years of the Heisei era, though with some changes. One of the episodes that impressed me the most was when Decade met none other than RX and Black, with Tetsuo Kurata reprising his roles as both Riders, wich appear to fight along with Decade and Diend.

Any way, that art is all-win!


Wow, that is so awesome! I would LOOVE to have one those posters. “All Riders VS. Great Shocker” is going to be one crazy movie.

Btw, I’m loving your blog. I’ve been reading your posts none stop. I specially love the art and illustration categories. Keep up the great work!


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