Japan Earthquake : How you can help.

Posted By yonghow on March 12th, 2011

A massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit northeast Japan on Friday afternoon, triggering a destructive tsunami that tore through the coast of Sendai. Current estimates report casualties at around 300, and many more missing.

For us outside of Japan we can offer no physical help, so contributing to disaster aid/relief organizations is the next best option. Here’s a useful list compiled by Time Out Tokyo :

American Red Cross
Canpan Fields (Japanese NPO)
Save the Children
Non-Believers Giving Aid (scroll down the page for Japan earthquake relief)
NGO Jen (in English and Japanese)
International Medical Corps

A quick check with some of my friends in Tokyo yesterday had them saying it was the strongest quake they have ever felt, but thankfully everyone was shaken but otherwise unharmed. I’ve experienced numerous quakes in my six years of stay in Tokyo but the one yesterday must have been many, many times stronger. In mid 2009 I also visited Matsushima Bay in Miyagi, Sendai, close where yesterday’s quake epic centre was located – how the shorelines there look now I fear to imagine.

Let’s hope the worst is over, and may Japan get back on its feet soon.

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Katie Johnson

Thank you for posting this. Our hearts are with Japan.


i’m going to Japan at the beginning of April, and i couldn’t believe when i saw this on the news. i was originally going to be there when this happened, but for some reason i decided to push back my date. my sympathies and thoughts are with everyone involved in Japan, and thanks for this post; i’m going to use the information posted to do what i can!


Things like this are so scary. I left Southern India a couple of days before the 2004 tsunami, and couldn’t believe how lucky I while watching coverage on the news. The terrifying thing about these disasters is their unpredictable nature. Technology is useless when you have no idea when, where and how these disasters strike. In just the blink of an eye an entire region is demolished. The footage of the tsunami was absolutely nightmare inducing. Walls of flaming water devouring everything in sight, infernos breaking loose, cars being swept away as they tried to escape, rubble and destruction everywhere… I hope the authorities can save as many people and animals as possible. I’m really glad your friends are safe Mr. Yonghow.

My prayers and thoughts are with the people of Japan and surrounding regions. Thanks for these links. Now I can make these prayers tangible.

john smalls

Thanks and will retweet and pass this along.


Thanks for the well wishes and support guys/girls ! :]

Konstantinos Mavrommatis

My thoughts are with all the people living in Japan.

I’ve lived there for a sometime and i always try to visit as often as possible.
Watching this country and people i love so much suffering all that killed me a little inside, but i have faith.

Japan can and will be back on its feet like it always have, be strong guys and gals, hope the worst is over.


Hearing the devastating news that surprised everyone in the world is really sad. It’s sad knowing that someone out there lost a loved one. Lost their properties and a place they call home. We offer our prayers, sympathy and love to Japan. Hope they can recover soon from these devastating times.


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