Guilty Crown Anime Exhibition in Nakano Broadway

Posted By yonghow on March 25th, 2012

My apologies for posting this only now – on my trip to Tokyo last November I got lucky and chanced upon the art exhibition for anime Guilty Crown in Nakano Broadway’s Pixiv Zingaro ( a favourite haunt for folks searching for anime related goods, 2nd hand art books, figures and more. ). Talk about great timing. Here are some pictures :

If you’re finding the illustrations somewhat familiar its because his work ( Kato Hiromi, aka Redjuice ) was also featured in the character design art book Heros & Heroines that I reviewed just a while back. ( read the book review here. )

I’ve not seen the anime for Guilty Crown yet though – is it any good ? :]

Next stop, Otomo Katsuhiro’s Genga Exhibition in May. Can’t wait !!


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john smalls

This is one of the reasons I frequently visit I enjoy the way you capture exhibit and provide quality photos for us who are unable to visit JP for an opening. Companies need to do exhibits like this in the States.


Guilty Crown is one of my favorite anime, i was actually sad when its over.. why dont you check it out? though i dont wanna spoil it for you..


Jen – Thanks for the recommendation ! I’ll find a chance to check it out ~ :]


Hm, most complaints regarding Guilty Crown were regarding the story, it wasn’t that well received.

I was googling and it seems there’s a Range Murata exhibition at the same pixiv Zingaro gallery.


Wow was the Funell there for purchase? Looks like there were a lot of boxes labeled.

And love Redjuice’s work, even though Guilty Crown was absolutely terrible (story-wise).

I had to quit watching after there was difficulty feeling any kind of connection with the main characters.


Waw!! that’s awesome .. <3 i really love your work ..
P.s what did you use in order to draw them ?


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