Gasoline Life – Katsuya Terada Manga Book Review

Posted By yonghow on October 6th, 2013

“Gasoline Life” is an unconventional manga by Katsuya Terada (Monkey King, Zenbu). I use the term “manga” loosely here because the illustrations in the book are originally from a Japanese novel of the same name by Isaka Kotaro, of which Terada help illustrate.

As such, Gasoline Life can be considered an abridged, illustrated version of the original novel.

The central theme of the manga/novel revolves around automobiles and vehicles, told through numerous short stories, gags and scenarios. Katsuya Terada is himself an avid cyclist ( see the review for his art book VIVA IL CICLISSIMO!, a collaboration with Otomo Katsuhiro ) and perhaps share an affinity for said subject matter.

The style of illustration is a departure from Terada’s more detailed and refined work, but I also find it very refreshing. Only bold blacks are used with very little or no intermediate shading, giving the visuals a distinct and punchy feel. The images look deceptively simple and easy to create, but that’s only because of Terada’s impressive skill to create to shape and form – I am quickly reminded of Mike Mignola’s latest works.

A great one to have just on account of Katsuya Terada’s fantastic art work. Recommended.

Gasoline Life – Katsuya Terada Manga details :

- Dimensions – 7.5 x 5.2 x 1 inches
- Softcover, 240 pages
- Black & White, in Japanese language

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Hey, I just got this one recently too! Pretty much everything you said is exactly what I thought of it, too. I just got another one of his books too, titled It’s Wonderful Car Life: Minute And Intelligible Guide Of Somewhat Old Automobiles (at least i think that’s what it’s called). Terra is crazy good at drawing cars, which any illustrator will tell you, is pretty difficult, unless, you know, you draw cars. It’s more or less a “manga” about old cars; how they run, what their individual parts look like, etc… It’s all very stylish and good looking, very much in the same heavy black style as Gasoline Life. Check it out!


Thanks for the heads up Zack. I bought the book you mentioned, together with Gasoline Life and Detroit NG (Not Good) Circus during my Spring trip.

Will post reviews for the other 2 books later on. :]


Good looking out!

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