Final Fantasy Dissidia Potion

Posted By yonghow on December 11th, 2008

Square Enix teams up with Suntory yet again to milk Final Fantasy devotees with the Dissidia Potions, an isotonic/energy drink of sorts with 16 different collectible designs. Sure to thrill the fans ! :]

Their previous outing was the equally elaborate Final Fantasy VII Potion.

I really can’t say I’m a diehard Final Fantasy fan( having never played any of the games, blasphemy, I know ) so I picked only a couple from my local convenience stall that I found attractive, in any case they’ll all be gone by the end of the week I’m sure.

Dissidia Potion official site
Final Fantasy Dissidia official site

So anyone went and snagged all 16 cans ?

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Looks like I’ll be hunting these down when I’m in Japan this April. I’m sure as heck not paying 4x the price to get them at a convention or online any sooner.


ClearTranquil – Sounds like a smart move ! 4x the price you say ?


How does it taste?


Haha…not too good !


Nice 🙂

Andy Heather

Yeah I picked up some of these to review and tasted a friends. They weren’t bad, but clearly weren’t made for drinking, and more collecting. I’ve never played any of the games either, strangely, but I love the design that accompanies the Final Fantasy industry.


Good luck ClearTranquil. I just came from Japan yesterday. There are still potions but you won’t be able to find Cloud/Sephiroth or Squall/Ultimecia. Those pieces sold out like hotcakes.


Sigh…I would really love one of each!


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