Coke + Vodka = Kirin’s “Cola Shock”

Posted By yonghow on July 18th, 2009

The lovely Kuroki Meisa endorses Kirin’s latest alcoholic beverage “Cola Shock”, a mix of Coca Cola and Vodka. Only just recently Coca Cola also gave us the Green Tea Coke, but unfortunately it didn’t taste too good.

Kuroki Meisa, one of the more popular faces on tv as of late,  is an exotic mix of Okinawan and Panamanian descent. We also saw her last year selling the hair product Tsubaki.

Just in case you are scratching your head wondering why the drink is called “Cola Shock”, its actually taken from Kuroki Meisa’s latest single, titled “Shock”, ( check out the PV for the song below ), and of course the song is also used for the drink commercial.

I’ve never been much of a drinker and so the taste didn’t really appeal to me ( Akihabara News reports the Vodka as been really terrible. ), but it might just suit those looking for a little more kick in their Coke.

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HAHA Oh shi~ I’ve should buy one of those


It seems the it didn´t taste so good, shame, i like vodka… either way i´m more of a tequila fan 🙂

The good news is that the “Cola Shock” TV add and visual design are great and “shock” video is also very good AND Meisa Kuroki is georgeous!

I really like to taste it, another drink i ´ll miss…for now.


Wow ! What a strange mixture ! o__O’


That maybe a swing and a miss…


First, it tastes horrible, like cheap cola with cheap vodka and water. Second, I hardly can see how this can have any interest for anybody. It seems nowadays internet is everything about quantity and less and less about quality.


coke green tea doesn’t taste good? hontoni? i have ‘t tasted yet and is very tempted to buy one online.

btw yonghow i need your help. check your e-mail. thanks.


Verdict folks I guess, is that no one fancies Cola Shock ! Oh well, back to the drawing board…

gordon – I can’t refuse a personal request, can I ? Done ! :]


Cola + Vodka + Kahlua is a Black Russian (my drink of choice). I’ve tried Cola + Vodka before, it’s not bad but flat, IMHO. If Kirin is going to make an alcholic drink, they should get it right.

Black Russian without the Kahlua is like a Machinegun without the bullets. It looks and seems fearsome but ultimately does nothing for you.

BTW: A perfect Black Russian: 1 shot Smirnoff Vodka, 1 shot Kahlua, and 250ml of Coke in a tall glass, mix well with a straw but drink from the glass.


  1. Cola plus Vodka - ein neuer Alcopop aus Japan?