Zenbu – Katsuya Terada Art Book Review

Posted By yonghow on December 8th, 2010

Warning : The following post contains adult content.

“Zenbu” ( From the Kanji characters “全部”, meaning “everything” ) is the most comprehensive collection of art work by Japanese illustrator Katsuya Terada, who also gave us the highly acclaimed “Monkey King“, “Rakuda Ga Warau“, and “VIVA Il CICLISMO“.

Housed in this book is an expansive and exhaustive collection of Terada’s portfolio that runs the gamut from character designs for games, commissioned art pieces, manga art work, doodles and what not.

(above) Bondage and female nudity are recurring themes in Terada’s work. ( The ones you see here are relatively tame; I’ve left out some of the more explicit pieces appearing in the book. )

(above) A collection of sexy and exuberantly costumed females from Terada’s “Covergirls” series. A giant sized art book of the same name contains the complete collection, but has since gone out of print. Folks who are keen to get it might be able to find it one Amazon Marketplace.

Terada is equally at home with his B&W art pieces. In fact, Rakugaking, a whopper of an art book is entirely dedicated to his sketches. Review for the book is coming soon. (above) An unmistakable tribute to the legendary French comic artist/illustrator/concept artist Moebius.

(above) Zenbu comes with a protective cardboard slip case to keep your copy in good condition.

Katsuya Terada’s “Zenbu” art book details :

– Dimensions – 8.6 x 7.4 x 1.3 inches
– Softcover, 298 pages
– Color and Black and white
– Comes with card board slip case

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this looks great. i can’t wait to pick this one up. i am a moderate fan of Terada, but this book has me more interested. i love Viva Il Ciclissimo, but mostly for the Otomo half (which is why i bought it), but despite him putting out some pretty impressive work, i really haven’t gotten all that into him just yet.

also, i’m thrilled to see more frequent updates again, Vong, really!

j. smalls

Once again Katsuya Terada proves that he is the king!


Zack – Thanks for visiting, you gotta check out the book, its amazing ! :]

j.smalls – No doubt, the man is an astonishing artist.

Link Brewski

So, I’d love to purchase some of Terada’s works, but the link to the guide for buying from amazon.co.jp doesn’t work… anyone here got an alternative to getting these books?


I just purchased this after reading your review, but I’m a bit disappointed with it. I really love his finished color pieces, but I really didn’t care for his “sketchbook” drawings. And that’s very unusual for me. I’m a penciler at heart, so I love sketchbooks. I just didn’t think Terada’s were very good to be honest. Its like they were from a time when he was still learning his style. That’s fine for the completists out there, but I wanted to be blown away. What would you recommend from the rest of his books?


Luke – For his colored pieces, I’ll definitely recommend his collaboration with Otomo Katsuhiro –


He also has a book from his latest exhibition in Kyoto that you can check out –



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