Wild Flower – Yamashita Shunya Illustration Art Book Review

Posted By yonghow on September 25th, 2008

Sexy, exotic babes – Yamashita Shunya’s latest illustration collection “Wild Flower” has it buckloads, and then some.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

(below) Some naughty, but not too naughty stuff.

(above) Its not all just fun and eye candy though. Shunya gives some tips on his working process.

The guy has a rock solid grasp of Contrapposto, ( one of the first things we learnt in school during figure drawing lessons ), and uses it to great effect, the results accentuated by the graceful curves of the female anatomy.

(below) A rather Katsuya Terada-ish piece. Tribute Maybe ?

If you beautiful illustrations of sexy anime babes are your cup of tea, Maeshima Shigeki’s Dragonfly graphic novel won’t disappoint.

You can get a copy of the book here.


12 Responses to “Wild Flower – Yamashita Shunya Illustration Art Book Review”


Wow. This is really a good art book. Love the poses

Andy H

I brought this book a few months ago, and it sits nicely with the 1st book i have too – sweet dreams.

Its a great book, and i love his figure drawings, but im not a fan of his illustrative fantasy art – yknow – the stuff with dragons and that. I just generally dislike derivative fantasy art of that ilk.

tragic comedy

Im glad i bought this one early so i could stare more at the bootylicious ladies.

Harry D.

sigh… I need more bookshelves…


Parka – Yes indeed, great reference material.

Andy H – Fast ! The first book is sold out and very hard to get now. I believe many of his fantasy art pieces are assignments, ie not personal pieces, so maybe he didn’t liked them either, haha.

tragic comedy – Haha, can’t be more honest than that ! :]

Harry D. – Me too !


Yamashita Shunya is one of my favourite illustrators. but i heard his drawings are not popular in japan(?). not moe perhaps? :-/


gordon – I guess we’ll have to take a poll to find out ! I’m pretty sure figurines based on his characters are hotsellers though. :]


I found some of this pages on gelbooru and now I’ve got a question:

WHAT THE F**K is “Wild Flower”? Is it a Anime, a Game or just the title of this book??

Monet Fever

Wow. The drawings are amazing!


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