Voyage : Ray Toh

Posted By yonghow on September 14th, 2008

Ray Toh ( or Torei, his online handle ) is a Singapore based illustrator and concept artist. We were classmates and movie buddies in Temasek Polytechnic’s animation course many years ago. “Voyage” is a spiffy collection of Ray’s illustration works he printed in preparation for attendence at the San Diego’s Comicon 2008.

(above left) “Kong” was selected for the 12th edition of Spectrum, a reputable illustration publication for fantasy/sci-fi art.

(above left) At the adamant behest of Ray i bought the framed copy of his Akira fan art to Sunrise Emotion Animation Studios while I was still working on Freedom and left it in katsuhiro Otomo’s office. Let’s hope the man hasn’t cleared it out with the trash…yet. :p

Folks interested in getting a copy of “Voyage”, or even an assignment for Ray can find him at He also maintains a blog with frequent updates on his illustration work at


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Wonderful concept designs. The quality of art is very high, very Marvel in some panels.


A. Thanks for the feature neh. T_T Thanks thanks.

Tragic comedy

damn! im going to have to hunt for it.


Parka – I think Ray might have worked on some marvel projects too.

torei – Can lah.

Tragic comedy – Check out Ray’s blog for more information ! :]


wah…. pressure….

now to get the short done…. shit….


Hilscreate – Can one! Chiong ah!


  1. Ray Toh’s Ideabook of Sketches at Halcyon Realms – anime|photography|film