The Venice Chronicles

Posted By yonghow on November 7th, 2008

This arrived in my mail shortly before I left for Singapore to attend Freedom’s screening at the Animation Nation 2008 – Pixar storyboard artist and SketchCrawl founder Enrico Casarosa’s The Venice Chronicles. I haven’t had time at all to take a good look at it…till now !  What a beautiful book…thanks Enrico !

(Below) A personal touch : Enrico’s own caricature and autograph on the front page.

The Venice Chronicles is a travelogue of Enrico’s trip to the mesmerizing city, illustrated in gorgeous watercolors and pencil. The book comes in a sturdy, white hardcover bound, with 144 pages of artwork.

Get your copy of The Venice Chronicles here !

Enrico also sent me a copy of the artbook from the highly sucessful Totoro Forest Project, I’ll post some pictures from it soon.


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I like the humor in Enrico’s biographical stories. I recall reading his sketch crawl episodes online and have been looking forward to the Venice Chronicles since he announced. Luckily, I managed to order the version with a watercolor book plate 🙂

I am still waiting for my book to arrive and good to know it is looking nice.


Wow… after lurking here for a while, my first post >.<
This is a lovely book! Beautiful artwork and also something I’m not familiar with, Thank You, I shall now hunt it down 😉

Tragic comedy

i like the way he depicts the water…


nat – Wow ! The watercolor bookplate looks great !

suki – Thanks you for posting ! The book is available for sale from Enrico’s blog.

Tragic comedy – Masterful !


They are great works ,somehow the style and concept are very familiar to me with Miyazaki-san’s DAY DREAM note book 😉
beautiful anyway…


onurg – Yes indeed ! Enrico is a big fan of Miyazaki’s illustrations too I believe. :]

Bob Homes

That’s so cool! I love the vivid colors and the fluid lines of it, it’s a gorgeous book.


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