The Eyes Of The Cat – Moebius + Jodorowsky Book Review

Posted By yonghow on May 27th, 2013

The Eyes Of The Cat ( Les Yeux du Chat ), published in 1978, was the first comic collaboration between Alexandro Jodorowsky and Jean Giraud, whom all of us know as Moebius.

Volume 7 of the Japanese magazine Euromanga (which features well, comics from Europe) reprints this as a tribute to the passing of the master back in the summer of 2012. ( Moebius passed away in March 2012 )

The book also includes interviews with Japanese artists like Terada, Rintaro, Range Murata, Otomo Katsuhiro, with conversations about their favourite Moebius work ( Otomo prefers Moebius’s earlier works like Arzach and Airtight Garage ) and his influence on their work.

The English version of this comic can also be found on Amazon, though at a higher price.

“Euromanga Volume 7 – The Eyes Of The Cat – Moebius + Jodorowsky” details :

- Dimensions – 11.6 x 8.3 x 0.6 inches
- Softcover, 146 pages
- Color, in Japanese

Note : The comic + artist interviews only take up about 1/2 of the book’s contents. The other half features several other comics by European artists.

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great find. this was just reprinted this past year by Humanoids in a very nice hardback edition. this is definitely a piece that every fan of graphic storytelling should own.


Zack – Would the Humanoids reprint be the same version that is available on Amazon ?


yes, that’s the same one. it seems like it’s a little harder to find now. it was a pricey book when it came out, and now it seems like collectors prices are starting to take it up a little bit. there are still copies out there, though; i found mine at one of my local comic shops.

Cobalt 60

The book “The eyes of the cats” will be published in Japan this month. Just wait for it.
Originally, this book was offered by the Humanoides Associes if you bought three of their albums. He then was reprinted many times in anthologies of Mœbius work in France.

Griffes d’ange, the hyperrealist erotic illustrations of Moebius with a text by Jodorowsky will be published in July in Japan. As its reprint in France is a luxury book, very expensive, I advice to buy this one instead.
Originally, Griffes d’ange (Angel Claw) was a reprint of a limited portofolio of erotic illustrations printed in silk screen. Angel Claw was published as an album with more pictures and texts addded by Jodo.
I’m not a fan of this book because I think Mœbius stayed to close to the photo sources he used. The result is technically perfect but very “cold”, too perfect in fact.

Many other good French comics will be published this year in Japan (for example “Lone Sloane” by Philippe Druillet). Almost all translated by my good friend Masato Hara who really did a great job.
You can find all the news and introductions to these great French artists in a new luxury japanese magazine (where I wrote a short article) : “Invitation au monde de la bande dessinee” (the title is in French and Japanese).


Cobalt 60 – Most excellent news. Just out of curiosity, what’s your daytime job ? Are you in publishing ? :]

Cobalt 60

I’m working as a freelance copywriter for advertising (I’m also a former storyboarder and art director). I love comics and art since I’m a kid. My hobby is writing here and there articles for books or magazines. Mainly about Gir/Mœbius who stays my favorite artist. I wrote a book about Lt Blueberry, a 100-page study many yeats ago. Now I finished a new one about Mœbius, soon to be printed in France. Japanese fans know Mœbius pretty well but they don’t have an easy access to his work. So I regularly make lectures to shows various aspects of his art and techniques to them.

Cobalt 60

To discover the mook “Invitation au monde de la bande dessinee”, type in katakana “bandodeshine” on Amazon jp homepage and click on the first item. The mook includes long interviews of Terada Katsuya (who also drew the cover), Taniguchi Jiro, Matsumoto Taiyo and Eguchi Hisashi.They talk about the influences of the French BD on their work.


Cobalt 60 – That’s an awesome job you have. And thanks for bringing us up to speed on Moebius stuff.

I’ve located the magazine you mentioned ( ) on Amazon Japan and will purchase it the next time I check out. cheers ! :]


Wow. These images look like they’re right out of an Otomo book.
But of course, the influence actually goes in the other direction, doesn’t it? Heh…

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