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Posted By yonghow on October 5th, 2011

I’m a big fan of Capcom’s The Art Of Street Fighter (read book review), so Japanese illustrator Akiman’s work isn’t foreign to me, but his blog reveals a more naughty side of him as he dabbles in scantily clad nubiles.

Think I still prefer his more PG rated work on Street Fighter, Gundam and the like. His blog is in Japanese, but are peppered frequently with his illustrations. A couple of his illustrations books can also be found on Amazon Japan. ( see links below )


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it seems like all the great Japanese illustrators dabble in some kind of sexually explicit work. Hiroaki Samura’s artbooks come to mind.

speaking of this, sort of, what is your opinion of Milo Manara?


Zack – And Range Murata, of course. I’ve actually not heard of Milo Manara until now and just did a google check. Nice art, I’m sure his work has its place among a niche group of adult fans.


i don’t necessarily have any problem with erotic art, it just depends on the way it’s done or the specific subject matter. Samura’s work was a little too violent for my tastes, and the Murata stuff, although well done, kind of creeps me out.

i found Manara through my interest in the European artists like Moebius and Bilal. even if one is not into the erotica stuff, his art really is pretty incredible. i would recommend checking out the Adventures of HP and Giuseppe Bergman, the Paper Man, Gaucho, and Indian Summer. they have less erotica than his other work (at least less overt) and they are really beautiful looking.

Darkhorse is releasing Indian Summer and The Paper Man in a hardback edition coming out next month if you are interested.


Zack – Thanks for the heads up, I’m going to check out more of his work from the list you have suggested. :]


I grew up with Street Fighter games and Anime/movies (loved II and Alpha), but this doesn’t come as a huge surprise to me. Most people, despite what they say, have interest(s) in erotic art, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


This is one of the best images of Chun that I have ever seen. Much respect to the artist.


…I saw megaman’s dick browsing his blog


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