The Amazing Screw-On Head Comic Book Review

Posted By yonghow on December 29th, 2013

“The Amazing Screw-On Head and Other Curious Objects” is a delightful collection of short stories illustrated by the artist/creator of Hellboy Mike Mignola. The subject matter is his forte of oddball supernatural beings and creatures; of magic, fairytales and…screw-on heads.

I can never get enough of Mignola’s beautiful art work – I love his superb compositional skills and his masterful use of shadows to convey shape, dimensionality and depth. Also, I’m never confused when reading his comics – it just flows,  and the main subject/narrative point of each panel is always clear (often when reading other comics I’m never quite sure where to look because too much is happening in the same panel).

A great addition and worthy companion to Mike Mignola’s series of Hellboy comics. Highly Recommended.

“The Amazing Screw-On Head and Other Curious Objects″ comic book details :

- Dimensions – 0.5 x 6.6 x 10 inches
- Hard cover, 104 pages
- Full color

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This one is great! I remember when the short one-shot first came out, and I really didn’t know much from Mignola. I loved it, and I loved Hellboy after that, but this edition, with all the other short stories, is still one of my favorite works by him.


Yes I love the quirkiness of the stories and characters. If only he had more time to do more short stories like these ! :]

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