Tatsuyuki Tanaka Comic Strip Kikan S

Posted By yonghow on February 6th, 2012

I can never get enough of Japanese illustrator/animator/concept artist Tatsuyuki Tanaka’s work. Besides his amazing Cannabis Works art book ( read the review here ), most of his work can be found in issues of Kikan S magazine, where he contributes to regularly.

This is a short comic strip titled “Memories Of An Airwalk” published in the 2004 winter edition of the magazine, now out of print. I apologize for not having the time to translate it into English. Enjoy !

You can purchase the latest issue of Kikan S magazine here, which contains an animation masterclass article by Tanaka-san. ( similar to this one ).

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4 Responses to “Tatsuyuki Tanaka Comic Strip Kikan S”

Devin Kraft

Brilliant. Tanaka’s definitely a world class artist. I made a special pilgrimage back to Japan to pick up Cannabis Works because in my flurry of art book buying, I bought so much I wasn’t sure if I could make it back with Cannabis Works in tow. Big mistake!

Phenomenal blog. I’m so excited about Kaba 2! I’ve had the luck of coming across two copies in my life. The first I shipped back to America by freight, and somehow it got ‘lost at sea’ along with several other books. When I went back to Japan the second time, I made sure to track it back down, shuffling through practically every Book Off in the Tokyo area. Fun times to say the least. Did you buy your copy off of Amazon.co.jp, or have someone in Japan ship it to you?

Keep up the great work. Your blog definitely chronicles the creme de la creme of contemporary artists in the world.


Devin – Thanks for visiting ! We’re all hoping Tanaka-san will release a new art book soon, seeing how Boiled Head was cancelled.


Wow, this artist is really really good. Too bad I can’t understand it though, but I respect the art. Does he do english stuff or is there any translations? Anyway, awesome site!


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