Ray Toh’s Ideabook of Sketches

Posted By yonghow on August 17th, 2011

My good friend and ex-classmate Ray Toh, a Singaporean illustrator/concept artist has just released Ideabook 2011, a sumptuous collection of illustrations some 200 pages in all, culled from several sketchbooks he has filled up over the years.

Ideabook 2011 is the artist’s thoughts poured out on paper, a hearty mix of fantasy, sci-fi and just wonderfully whimsical doodles. If you have some great concepts in your mind waiting to be realized but are lacking the right visuals, Ray is just the guy to realize it for you.

Ray will be attending the STGCC (Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention) held at the Suntec Convention Centre this coming weekend (20/21st August) and Ideabook will be on sale at his booth G24. You can also purchase his earlier book Ray Toh : Voyage ( Read review here ), as well as prints of his illustration work.

For those who are unable to attend the event/readers from overseas, these items are also on sale at Ray’s online store.

Be sure to check out Ray’s website and blog.


8 Responses to “Ray Toh’s Ideabook of Sketches”


this reminds me a lot of Rakuga King, from Katsuya Terada, which was another excellent sketchbook. i may want to pick this up when i have some money.


These are stunning. Sketchbooks always so the artist in there truest form, raw and unedited.


Do you know if I can find it in France ???????


Ha, I thought of Rakuga King as well! Love the layout and structure of the book. It’s exactly how a sketch book should be both spirit and design.


where are you from, Hina?


Hi G. You can actually order the book through my online store. http://www.raytoh.com/newWeb/store.html Let me know if you encounter any problem. Thanks and thanks guys for the kind words. 🙂


I’m from India and living in Canada. Not sure why there’s an American flag next to my name. Must be the computer I’m using.


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